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           The principal aim of our graduate studies is to produce graduates who are highly competent in a particular field.  There are three additional objectives.  The first objective is to provide students with opportunities to enhance their knowledge of professional fields.  Second, we focus on developing their research skills.  The third objective is to improve and create their career prospects.  The graduate studies are therefore designed both to provide pathways for our graduate students’ professional development and upgrade their competence in their current work.   Moreover, we enhance their skills and strengthen their research abilities.                

            We try to provide opportunities for graduate students to pursue practical and theoretical studies in depth.  Furthermore, we help our students to develop their skills to a higher academic level in their particular discipline. Students have shown abilities to attain a level of achievement and conceptual understanding in the discipline significantly higher than that expected for a bachelor degree.

           Our graduate students are expected to undergo an intense, rigorous, personal and professional development program to build, strengthen, and demonstrate their leadership potential and management skills.

           We specialize in a variety of graduate study programs.  Masters in Educational Administration, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, Masters in Social Sciences for Development, Masters of Education in Industrial Technology, Masters of Science in Agricultural Technology, and Graduate Diploma of Teaching Profession are our current highlight specialties. Masters in other disciplines are being developed. Other new programs will be introduced very soon.  Moreover, Doctorate as well as Masters degrees affiliated with international universities are being developed.

           We welcome international collaboration and partnership.


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