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            Chanthaburi is a province located on the east coast of Thailand, approximately 200 kilometers to the east of Bangkok, close to the Thai-Cambodian border.  It is world famous for tropical fruits and gems.  Throughout Chanthaburi, there are historical sites and other tourist attractions.  In addition, the province has an abundance of natural beauty with mountains, waterfalls, and the seashore.ตึกแดง

            Chanthaburi’s human history goes back 2,000 years.  Evidence of this comes from tools found in various districts in the province.  Early inhabitants of Chanthaburi settled in what is now called Muang district. 

            During the Sri-Ayudhaya Period, the province was visited by sea merchants. Although the city of Chanthaburi is set six kilometers inland, it has three major waterways to the sea.  In ancient times, local products were shipped by way of sea to various ports in Southeast Asia.  The marine history of the province is recorded at a maritime museum just 10 minutes from the town center.

            From 1883 to 1904, France occupied Chanthaburi.  After negotiations on the claim made by France, Chanthaburi came under Thai rule once again in 1904.  The French occupation of the province had an influence on the area.  Historical sites and local architecture within the area show the French presence.

            Gem traders have been coming to Chanthaburi province for many years.  The province is world famous for rubies, a variety of sapphires, and other gems. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the gem market downtown is crowded with gem traders from around the world.  Beyond the buying and selling of gems, the local people are also famous for their lapidary skills and jewelry design.   

            In addition to gems, the province is well known for its tropical fruits namely, durian, rambutan, and mangosteen.  In fact, the fruit industry in the area is immense.  Orchards are everywhere.  The orchards are open for visitors to taste the fresh fruit almost year round.  The fruits are exported fresh or canned to countries around the globe.  The prime time to see the fruit harvest in its splendor is in June when the province holds a fruit festival with large displays, contests, a giant fruit market, and parades.

philw waterfall            Chanthaburi has a great deal of natural beauty.  The province has two national parks. Khao Kitchakood National Park and Phliu Waterfal National Park are outstanding scenic attractions where tourists can enjoy trekking, and camping in the beauty and tranquility of nature almost all year long.  Rafting is a popular activity in the mountainous area of Pong Namron district.  Along Chanthaburi seashore there are several wonderful places to spend the day.  Chaolao and Lamsadet Beaches both offer swimming, seafood, and soft breezes for those seeking a day of relaxation.

            From times past to the modern day Chanthaburi has been a place of interest to many people.  It attracts people for a variety of reasons.  Wherever you travel in Chanthaburi there is something to see, evidenced by the rapid increase of tourism in the province.  Visitors and businessทะเลเจ้าหลาว people from around the world find the province to be peaceful and rewarding.

            Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University is strongly committed to the local community particularly in Chanthaburi province. Our faculty and staff are actively involved in professional consultancy throughout the region.  We welcome a wide range of professional partnerships, and offer an assurance of high quality in order to advance study and research in this region of the world.  Continuing development will lead to a better future for the region.  Building close links with professional and business institutions, domestically and internationally, is the hallmark of Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University.

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